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Targeted Virtual Tutoring Program for Students

One-on-one, high-impact tutoring can help move the needle for students, and online tutoring can help connect students with subject matter experts anytime they need support. What does one-on-one online tutoring look like in action? There are different models for virtual tutoring, and your students might benefit from homework help to targeted weekly sessions with specific goals for student growth.

This blog post will take you through some of the benefits of setting up students with online tutoring and introduce you to FEV Tutor. FEV Tutor is a platform that delivers live one-on-one online tutoring for students. Let’s dive in!

Targeted Virtual Tutoring Program

FEV Tutor is a targeted, high-impact virtual tutoring program designed as a natural extension of a student’s classroom. Their experienced tutors must pass a background check and record every session for easy review afterward. There are flexible options for students I’ll unpack later in the post, too. If you want to connect students with personalized, engaging instruction to support classroom curriculum goals, the team at FEV Tutor has you covered.

Working closely with K-12 educators, FEV Tutor collaborates with public schools and districts, charter schools, and other organizations. They align tutoring to an organization’s standards, curriculum, goals, and initiatives of each partner. This targeted virtual tutoring helps support individual student needs and drive measured achievement gains. FEV Tutor also tracks student data weekly. Both tutors and classroom teachers can review a student’s learning journey and make adjustments as needed.

Learn about different models for virtual tutoring your students might benefit from like homework help or targeted weekly sessions with goals.

How does online tutoring work?

With FEV Tutor’s one-on-one online tutoring platform, students can access live academic instruction. There is 24/7 support so students can receive virtual tutoring at a time that works best with their schedule, regardless of their time zone. FEV Tutor’s live one-on-one virtual tutoring takes place through its website, using a web browser-based platform. In addition, there is a synchronous two-way whiteboard known as FEV’s Virtual Classroom. Since FEV Tutor is browser-based, students do not need to download any additional software.

The online tutoring experiences can vary and are responsive to the needs of individual students. For example, these instructional models can include targeted instructional support, 24/7 homework help, or targeted test prep.

Targeted Instructional Support

Students who use FEV Tutor for targeted instructional support work through a data-driven Individualized Learning Plan. They have a designated tutor, and FEV Tutor captures growth and engagement data from each student. This information can help determine the best next steps for supporting individual students. The tutors that work with students deliver targeted scaffolded lessons. They practice a “gradual release of responsibility” method (I Do, We Do, You Do) to ensure every student masters new concepts.

Learn about different models for virtual tutoring your students might benefit from like homework help or targeted weekly sessions with goals.

24/7 Virtual Tutoring for Homework Help

In addition to the targeted instructional support, there is a 24/7 homework help option. When it comes to using FEV Tutor for homework help, students meet with a live virtual tutor any time they like. This option is perfect for helping students with homework or coursework support above and beyond a traditional tutoring session. For example, learners can have access to a tutor on-demand when they need extra support, or they can schedule a time to meet with a tutor to take a deeper dive into content.

Targeted Test Prep

If students are preparing for an upcoming exam, they can certainly use FEV Tutor for targeted test prep. This tutoring plan option can help students improve their proficiency and accelerate their growth across high-stakes assessments. So if students are working towards goals related to benchmark assessments, state tests, and college-and-career readiness exams, this option would be worth exploring.

Ready to get started? Check out FEV Tutor’s website to learn more about this virtual tutoring platform for students.

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