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What You Need to Know About Digital Transformation in Higher Education

The past year and a half has presented a wide range of challenges for Pre K-20 institutions. At a higher education level, digital transformation is increasingly a priority for schools. So what does it look like to embrace new technology to reach the needs of all students? Whether there were significant obstacles or more minor road bumps, the path moving forward will most likely include an emphasis on technology integration. 

Earlier this year, the folks at Glean reached out to me to share a new white paper. If you haven’t heard of Glean before, I’ll share more about their work later in the post. Glean is a note-taking app for individuals and educational institutions.

In this blog post, I’ll share some of the findings from Glean’s new white paper on digital transformation. If you want to download your free copy of the white paper, use this link to access it now.

Digital Transformation in Higher Education

For this study, the educational technology experts at Glean surveyed almost 100 institutions. These educators work with higher education institutions in different parts of North America. The survey touched upon a few key points related to how technology supports student accommodations and ADA compliance.

One of the big takeaways from this survey is that most higher education institutions say digital transformation is a priority. Over the past year, they’ve found that traditional classroom solutions can no longer address current challenges of learning. However as higher education institutions consider different ways to support their students with digital tools, assistive technology can become part of the conversation. 

The past year has presented a wide range of challenges. At a higher education level, digital transformation is a priority for schools.

This list of priorities also includes addressing ADA compliance around note-taking in classroom settings. In an earlier survey conducted by the team at Glean, they found that educators had this in mind. Departments at institutions that offered assistive technology as the primary note-taking accommodation for students felt more confident that they could support students. When an institution used assistive technology, they had greater confidence in their ADA compliance.

Download the white paper here >>

A Note-Taking App for Schools

As I mentioned at the top of the blog, the white paper featured in this post is based on the research conducted by the team at Glean. Have you used Glean before? Glean is a note-taking app for students to help them improve their note-taking skills in any subject area. You can create inclusive learning environments with ease through their instant access to note-taking accommodations. With this tool, eligible students will have the support they need from the first day of the term, too.

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In response to the research featured in the white paper, Glean has launched its Glean for Education full-service package. The goal of Glean for Education is to transform the way higher education institutions support learners in blended environments. Institutions can now work proactively to embrace digital transformations at all levels. So when students come through your physical or virtual doors, you can create inclusivity right away.

If you’re committed to a digital transformation this year, part of your work might include the intuitive note-taking web app from Glean. It works on any laptop or mobile device. And it syncs across the devices students might switch between over the course of the day. Glean provides a structured note-taking framework. This framework can certainly make it easier for students to follow along with course content or a lecture. Although you might have used peer note-taking accommodations in the past, this technology is designed to increase compliance and reach students more effectively.

Ready to jump in? Head over to this page to learn more about Glean and download their new white paper

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