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Gaggle’s Student Safety Management Solution for Schools

What does staying safe online look like in your school? Finding the best way to support students during the school year goes beyond safety in the physical spaces they inhabit each day. Although this is clearly part of the equation in making sure all students are safe in school, there is an essential online component to school safety too.

Gaggle School Safety Tool

Gaggle is a school safety solution with a proactive, early-warning system. With 24/7 support for the whole year, it tackles the task of responding to online and offline safety issues and threats. Districts across the country have partnered with Gaggle to monitor online spaces. Their goal is to keep students safe throughout the school year and beyond.

When I first heard about these partnerships, I was excited to learn more about exactly what Gaggle provides schools and district in terms of school safety. Is this an area you are working on supporting more effectively this year? Then you’ll definitely want to check out what they have to offer. I’ve included lots of resources here for you to dive into and a special link at the bottom of the page. This link will let you request a demo or chat with their team directly.

How does Gaggle work?

Gaggle has been around for two decades and works to help schools and districts proactively avoid tragedies. They help make sure students are safe in digital spaces. Gaggle uses both artificial intelligence and trained safety experts as part of their early-warning system. This tool proactively assists districts 24/7/365 in preventing bullying, inappropriate behaviors, school violence, and other situations deemed harmful for students.

Gaggle provides real-time monitoring of spaces that students inhabit online. This monitoring includes collaborative learning platforms, such as Microsoft Office 365, Google’s G Suite for Education, and Canvas.

Working with an in-house team of trained safety professionals, Gaggle takes on the task of monitoring flagged messages and content that may indicate a school safety issue. The Gaggle team members who monitor these spaces have backgrounds in special areas. This includes law enforcement, psychology, social work, suicide prevention, and crisis management. This team evaluates flagged content and also categorizes online incidents to determine just how serious something appears.

When something has been tagged and flagged, the team alerts district personnel. This system lets them know about any policy violations, inappropriate content and critical mental health issues. It will also keep them aware of anything that appears to be dangerous to students. Gaggle also intercepts pornographic images, and messages that reference weapons brought to school and more.

What does staying safe online look like in your school? Learn how the school safetey tool from Gaggle supports early warning throughout the school year.

Saving Lives Online

The team at Gaggle has created a series of customer success stories to share some of the success stories behind their school safety solution. These success stories include the hundreds of students who have actively planned or attempted suicide — and school safety personnel were able to use Gaggle to intervene.

Schools using this tool also have access to Gaggle’s SpeakUp. This platform is a safety tipline that integrates with G Suite for Education and Microsoft Office 365, giving students an outlet to report situations like bullying, fights, students in crisis, threats of violence and other urgent cases.

If you’re interested in learning more about Gaggle, you’ll want to head over to their website. You can also use this link to request a demo of their school safety solution.

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