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How PortfolioGen Helps Students Create Free Portfolios

Do your students have fantastic work to share this school year? If your students have a wide range of creations, they can help their work shine with an online portfolio. A digital space to showcase student work opens the possibilities for a wider audience for students. Whether students are preparing for college applications, curating the very best of their work from the school year, or simply looking to share their school creations with family and friends, an online portfolio is a great option.

This fall the team behind PortfolioGen reached out to me to share their online portfolio tool. If you follow along with me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen my Instagram Story updates when working from home in New Jersey. PortfolioGen started out as a project between two New Jersey teachers, so I was definitely excited to learn more. Their local project has now grown into a website helping more than 100,000 people create portfolios — from all over the world.

Help Students Create Free Portfolios

PortfolioGen gives teachers, students, and educators a space to showcase their skills online. Although professionals from a wide range of industries use this platform, it is a student-friendly choice you’ll want to explore. PortfolioGen goes beyond traditional binders to give students (or any user!) a dynamic space to show off their work.

Students can create portfolios for a wide audience. They might share their portfolio with a prospective employer for a summer job, internship, or career after graduation. Or their audience might be more local, like a family celebration or school-wide showcase.

PortfolioGen Special Features

If you haven’t checked out PortfolioGen before, there are a few notable features to explore. PortfolioGen gives students the ability to create individual pages and content and upload documents and photos. Students can also embed videos and links. With these features, students can show off their work from the school year or spotlight something they created as part of a project.

For example, if students created videos with Adobe Spark or ebook with Book Creator, they can share the links to their creations in their portfolio. So if students create a project in an after-school program or science club or another special part of their day, they can showcase their creations in the same portfolio.

PortfolioGen also lets students add their own journal to capture reflections. Using portfolios is an excellent way for students to demonstrate how they accept feedback on a project and can make updates to a project. Students also have the option to request endorsements from peers and colleagues. These endorsements can come from folks who have worked closely with students and can speak to their experiences inside and outside of the classroom. Students can also personalize the URL for their portfolio and enable password protection.

Get Started with PortfolioGen

You can get started with PortfolioGen using a free basic account. Some institutions and schools have also partnered with PortfolioGen. This partnership provides students and faculty with a space to chronicle and celebrate student work throughout the school year. These Education Partners have access to customized codes for users, an administrative dashboard, and custom pricing and support.

Ready to jump in? Head over to PortfolioGen’s website to get started!

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Monica Burns

Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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