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KOOV Educator Kit for Robotics, Design, and Coding in the Classroom

July 12, 2018

Coding in the classroom might be on your list of things to explore this school year. If you’re interested in combining digital coding with building and design, you’ll definitely want to check out the KOOV Educator Kit. The team at Sony Electronics recently released a kit for teachers to give them access to all the tools they need to bring coding into their classrooms.

Coding in the Classroom

So how does KOOV work? First, students use blocks to create three-dimensional robots using their own creative designs. They can also use the “Robot Recipes” provided by KOOV. Then, students explore coding skills to give their robots life. These activities can help students take their ideas to the next level. Finally, students can use everything they’ve learned to create and share. The team at KOOV has set up an online community. In this space, students can share their work and see what others have made.

As you can see in the video below (and linked here), students are working hands-on to create a tangible product. This experience gives students the opportunity to see their new coding skills come to life! If you’re entirely new to the idea of coding in the classroom, KOOV has a handful of useful resources for teachers.

Does coding have a place in the classroom? As you set goals for the upcoming school year, I encourage you to think about the way literacy, problem-solving, and creative thinking shine in your classroom. Robotics, design, and coding can prepare students for a variety of learning experiences both inside and outside of school.

Coding Resources for Teachers

Coding in the ClassroomThe KOOV Educator Kit has lots of resources for teachers. Whether you are totally new to coding in the classroom or ready to take your work to the next level, you’ll absolutely find these useful. The KOOV Educator Kit includes the KOOV App. With the KOOV App, you’ll find more than 50 hours of educational content hosted on its Learning Course.

The KOOV Learning Course acts as a launching point for students. It’s designed to help students start their journey of learning how to code. It introduces fundamental concepts in coding, building, and design. With this educational course, students will explore an overview of how the parts in KOOV work and how to use Scratch-based coding to bring their creations to life.

In the KOOV Educator Kit, you’ll also find 40, ready-to-use “Robot Recipes.” These activities include simple structures for beginners and complex animals and vehicles. These recipes give students the chance to get started on day one. As they develop their building and design skills they can create their very own robots without using these activities.

Are you reading to get started with coding in the classroom? Head over to KOOV’s educator page to learn more!

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