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Robots in the Classroom: RoboKind STEM Resources for Community Building

Is there a place for robots in the classroom? You bet! The folks at RoboKind have developed classroom-friendly robots and coding curriculum every teacher excited about STEM will want to check out.

Robots in the Classroom

RoboKind is an education company committed to creating cost-effective and inclusive education for all students. They have two products for classrooms, both designed to support students with a variety of needs. If you haven’t heard of their products before, RoboKind has developed Robots4Autism and Robots4STEM.

The team at Robokind works closely with the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) community to provide opportunities for students to learn how to code. Students gain experience with computer programming with the robots Milo and Jett. At the same time, they learn about social interactions and build a range of real-world skills.

Coding Curriculum for Students

Robots4STEM is a visual programming language developed by RoboKind. It also gives children an introduction to computer science. Students use the drag and drop programming language while they learn the logic of coding. As students learn about computer science, they can also control Jett, a humanoid robot.

In the video below, you can get a feel for the what this fantastic coding program looks like in action. Students can interact with the building blocks of computer programing while watching a robot come to life.

Jett is the younger sibling of RoboKind’s facially expressive robot Milo. It provides all students, including those with disabilities, equal opportunity to explore STEM, coding, and programming. Students can program the robot using the RoboKind coding platform.

Robots4STEM is a comprehensive curriculum for students that will surely align with your goals. Teachers will find ready-to-use lessons that are designed to teach children at any age. Early exposure to STEM learning can also lead to a sustained, long-term interest in STEM-related topics and careers. With the plug-and-play PBL model from RoboKind, it’s easy to integrate these resources into an existing curriculum. The Robots4STEM curriculum doesn’t require additional teacher training in programming or coding. Students can jump in right away!

Robots and Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Jett robot from RoboKind can help educators tackles one of the most significant challenges in STEM education. This issue is the shortage of students who say they want to pursue careers in technology. With the connection to robots, students can see their coding come to life in front of their eyes.

Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder often thrive in process-driven, repetitious settings. This setting aligns with skills needed to learn coding and programming, including robotics. It makes RobotKind’s Robots4STEM curriculum a compelling option for schools.

Special Needs and Coding Communities

Robots4STEM provides a project-based independent learning setting for students while they learn computer science skills. However, this setting doesn’t require interaction with others and gives students a space to explore computer science skills on their own. This safe, non-judgmental, and engaging environment is an excellent fit for students with a variety of needs.

The team at RoboKind are committed to helping schools build community with all students. All students regardless of needs can work together while they collaborate, co-create, and co-author coding experiences. This can also help students build authentic awareness, understanding, and empathy for all members of the school community!

These awesome robots certainly delivers a continuum of learning. Students can start with simple lessons and progress to complex topics. I love how it lets children work at their own pace, as they problem solve and create while building coding skills!

See Jett in action and meet the RoboKind team at ISTE booth #2238. If you can’t make it to ISTE, sign up for a free demo today to see how you can add robots in the classroom this school year!

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