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Coding in the Classroom with CoderZ

How can educators incorporate coding in the classroom? The team at Intelitek have developed a platform for students learning how to code. CoderZ can help students build a foundation for computer science. This tool lets middle school and high school students work at their own pace both inside and outside of the classroom.

CoderZ is an online learning tool designed specifically for students in sixth through twelfth grade. Without any software to download, CoderZ is meant to be an affordable solution to help schools give every student access to coding. As schools look for ways to incorporate computer programing and robotics into the classroom, CoderZ is definitely worth checking out.

Coding in the Classroom

Introducing computer science into the classroom is a must! It’s an essential step schools can take to help all students prepare for the future. Computer science and STEM integration can take many forms. The video below provides an overview of what you’ll find in CoderZ. It also gives you a feel for their dashboard and robotics simulation.

When the folks behind this powerful online platform reached out to me, there were many things that grabbed my attention. I love digital resources that support teachers during implementation. It helps everyone start with the tool  right away. I am excited to see how teachers can scale CoderZ  in the classroom. CoderZ meets the needs of a range of students who are ready to dive in to coding. It’s ready-to-go for students with different levels of experience coding in the classroom.

Computer Programing with CoderZ

With CoderZ students can participate in challenges and competitions. Working at their own pace on this online platform gives students the chance to work and explore independently. CoderZ is designed to provide students the skills they need for computational thinking and problem-solving. There are so many ways to apply computer programming skills!

As you jump into CoderZ, you’ll find an online learning environment that supports students with a range of backgrounds in coding and robotics. Teachers can access learning management tools from their dashboard including student statistics and video tutorials. The dashboard also lets teachers access built-in support for popular robotics platforms. The CoderZ platform supports teachers with little or no background in coding so you can jump into teaching robotics classes quickly.

If you are starting a new robotics program in your school, finding the space in your budget for supplies might be an initial hurdle. In CoderZ you’ll find virtual robot simulations that give every student in your class the chance to explore robotics. These virtual simulations can help you get started with a robotics program right away — without the hold up of finding additional funding.

Learn more about CoderZ by heading over to their website! And if you’re heading to ISTE this year, visit the Intelitek at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-27, at Booth #1391.

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