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4 Ways to Create Super Readers in Your Classroom

April 19, 2018

Reading is an essential part of the school day all year long. As you prepare for the end of the school year, this is a fantastic time to try out a new tool. You can energize your independent reading time, and set up your students for summer reading success. MoxieReader can create Super Readers in your classroom as you finish out the school year. This can set students up to continue interacting as readers all summer long.

One of my favorite reading tools is MoxieReader which I first shared on my site last year. I had the chance to meet the team at MoxieReader at a special event that featured the awesome folks at LitWorld. You may have heard of LitWorld if you’ve read the book Every Child a Super Reader: 7 Strengths to Open a World of Possible by Pam Allyn and Ernest Morrell which helped inspire this post.

Finish the Year with MoxieReader

MoxieReader is a fantastic tool for building a community of readers. MoxieReader is a mobile and desktop app for teachers and students. It digitizes and personalizes independent reading by creating a reading community where students find, recommend and review books to track and hit their personalized reading goals. MoxieReader works as an app for iPhone, iPad, Android, and is also Chromebook and web browser-friendly.

Create Super Readers in Your Classroom

As you design learning experiences to promote independent reading this school year, there are a handful of features in MoxieReader you’ll want to take advantage of in the last few weeks of school. These features are designed specifically to support a reading community and book talks in your classroom.

  1. Students as creators

In addition to supporting students as consumers and readers of content, MoxieReader also supports students as creators. Do your students love sharing and hearing what their peers thought of a book? Students can share book reviews across their class and school using MoxieReader, and even attach images to their review! With this feature, students can attach a photo of a drawing about their book, a picture of a written reading response, or a book snap. You can also have students complete and attach the printable reading response pages, the team at MoxieReader has created.

  1. Book Choice and Support

Students grow their personal reading history, or reading resume as they scan and record their reading, while at the same time getting rid of paper reading logs. This record can give a sense of achievement and help MoxieReader give students personalized recommendations using their search engine with over 400,000 titles. Students can also search grade levels for suggested books and see which titles are popular with other students. Kids can also access book details in MoxieReader such as book summary, awards, and length as well as titles that are similar.

  1. Sharing Books and Book recommendations

Having a short list of what to read next can help students with their next book selection.  Kids can provide book recommendations directly to another student into their Book To-Be-Read list. This lets them directly pass on the reason for recommending the book. Teachers can add to students lists too and offer personalized recommendations to the students in their class.

  1. Connect over reading all summer long

Students and teachers can send message of support over the summer. Using MoxieReader during the summer can extend your reading community and give students an opportunity to share and celebrate reading! If teachers choose, they can provide students with reading recommendations throughout the summer too. This way students reading lists stay up to date.

If you’ve tried out MoxieReader this year, you’ll be super excited to hear about some of the usability updates which will make it much smoother for kids. This includes a new book scanner for Chromebook users. With this new feature, it is easier to add books that aren’t already in the MoxieReader system. You’ll also find that the updated book search feature includes grade levels suggested for each book as well and the popularity of each title.

Finishing up the school year with MoxieReader could also include a moment to try out their new Class Checkin feature for interactive whiteboard displays. With this feature teachers and students can update their reading records and show off their reading to their peers.

Head over to MoxieReader’s website to take advantage of a special offer for ClassTechTips readers – use the code moxieclasstechtips to subscribe and get full access to MoxieReader for just $7 until the start of next school year!

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