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Online Course for Educators: Designing and Leading Engaging OER Ecosystems

January 31, 2018

Are you using open educational resources in your school? Interested in learning more about this innovative approach for connecting students with high-quality resources? I had the chance to hear Andrew Marcinek speak about this topic at the Indiana Connected Educators annual conference last year. He is an expert on the subject of open educational resources.  I’m super excited that he has put together a new self-paced, OER online course on the topic!

Open Educational Resources

This course is titled Designing and Leading Engaging OER Ecosystems, and includes a deep dive into open educational resources. Through three self-paced modules, you will explore the concept of OER and learn how to implement and scale open educational resources at your school or district. Andrew Marcinek is the author of The 1:1 Roadmap: Setting the Course for Innovation in Education and the former Chief Open Education Advisor at the Office of Education Technology at the United States Education Department. He is passionate about the power of open educational resources, and it definitely shows in this course.

I had the chance to check out Andrew’s course Designing and Leading Engaging OER Ecosystems and take a look for myself at the materials he has curated and the content he has created. The videos in each module present information in a clear and concise manner. At the same time it provides a thorough overview of open educational resources. In this self-paced course, you’ll find hand-picked case studies showing off OER initiatives in action. There are videos addressing core issues, including how to curate and discover open educational resources.

OER Online Course

I love professional learning that is personalized for educators. The online courses from Participate let you narrow the focus of your professional learning so you can take a deep dive into one area and grow your expertise.  Designing and Leading Engaging OER Ecosystems is entirely self-paced so you can carve out time on your schedule when it works for you. Instead of a “sit and get” professional development day, this course allows you to move through the resources at your own pace. You can replay or revisit different resources. Then, put the ideas into action as it relates to your specific learning environment.

This online course presents information for teachers, school leaders, and instructional technology specialists interested in open educational resources. In addition to presenting information on the what and the why, you’ll explore how to implement changes both big and small in your classroom, school and/or district. You might enroll in this course as a solo project. Alternatively, you can purchase the course for all members of a school leadership team. This is perfect for a group who are making decisions around open educational resources this year. As soon as you submit the coursework, you’ll earn a Designing and Leading Engaging OER Ecosystems badge from Participate and CEUs if approved by your school.

Getting Started with Open Educational Resources

Ready to dive into Designing and Leading Engaging OER Ecosystems? You can join the course straight from Participate’s course platform. As soon as you register you’ll have access to all of the course materials. So you can dive in right away, or take a peek before scheduling some time to make your way through each module.

Head over to the Designing and Leading Engaging OER Ecosystems course page to learn more!

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