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ClassMax Whole Student Data Collection Tool for Schools

November 19, 2017

What does data collection look like in your school? You know how I feel about formative assessment. When it comes to checking for understanding we can use digital tools to create meaningful, sustainable, and scalable change in classrooms. I’m so passionate about this topic I wrote a book about it. So when Katie from ClassMax reached out to me I was excited to learn more about her work and dedication to creating a data collection tool for schools.

ClassMax Whole Student Data Collection Tool for Schools

Katie is a classroom teacher who saw a problem she was ready to fix. She wanted to track all of the essential components of her classroom and students. So she developed ClassMax to help teachers, and herself, collect and organize data every day. After surveying hundreds of teachers to make sure they were on the right track, the team at ClassMax created a data collection tool to help educators track accommodations, behavior, standards-based performance, and so much more.

The team at ClassMax designed their tool to make sure it would only take a few clicks for teachers to access everything they needed. Their goal was to satisfy Marzano’s elements of instruction. At the same time they eliminated the use of multiple programs and apps and track behavior all in the same place. ClassMax allows for whole-class tracking of standards-based progress, and lets teachers generate digital reports in realtime.  I like how ClassMax provides teachers with a snapshot of each student so they can see critical information all in one place, at anytime.

Formative Assessment with ClassMax

The video above gives you a taste of how ClassMax addresses the needs of classroom teachers across the curriculum. Teachers can add students to their classes and take attendance right from within the ClassMax Dashboard. In addition to tracking data for individual students, the ClassMax whole class tool can be used for tracking the entire class of students. In just three clicks, teachers can assign progress on standards, behavior, accommodations, and notes for their entire class. This means you can keep track of individual information for each student and add information for all students too.

Formative assessment is essential in the classroom and digital tools can make data collection more efficient and actionable. I’m always looking for new tools to share with teachers that help them stay organized and work smarter not harder. When you have real-time data at your fingertips you can use that information to inform your future instruction and meet the needs of all students.

The team at ClassMax offers a free trial and their monthly and annual plans are very reasonably priced. Learn more about ClassMax and sign up for their free trial by heading over to their website!

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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