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Financial Literacy Game Star Banks Adventure from T. Rowe Price

October 19, 2017

How do you explore financial literacy with your students? The team at T. Rowe Price has just launched a Teacher Edition of the Star Banks Adventure game. It’s a free mobile app and web-based online experience designed to teach students financial concepts. Star Banks Adventure has a colorful sci-fi theme with puzzles, and quiz questions to introduce and reinforce the financial concepts while students play along. In addition to the new teacher version of the Star Banks Adventure game, there is also a complete Money Confident Kids curriculum.

Financial Literacy Game

The Star Banks Adventure Game was designed to help students grasp important real world financial concepts through an engaging gaming platform. Financial literacy is essential for students and this game includes concepts like setting a financial goal, prioritizing spending, rate of return, asset allocation, inflation and time horizon, and diversification. I love the idea of presenting real world information to students in a virtual world where they can explore concepts they’ll need to understand throughout their lives.

The Money Confident Kids resources for teachers and Star Banks Adventure game provides teachers with an engaging way to introduce real world money concepts to students. Not only does the game help teachers (and families) gain an understanding of which financial concepts students should master, it also provides useful resources to extend the conversation. There are downloadable magazines for students, printables, videos, conversation starters and more.  

If you haven’t explore these resources before, you’ll want to check out the updated version of the game which includes a Teacher Dashboard. The Teacher Dashboard includes a variety of tutorials and allows users to: (1) create online classrooms, (2) manage these classrooms, (3) see how well their students are doing in the game, and (4) compare their classrooms with other participating classrooms. The Teacher version also provides a Classroom Mode for teaching. In the Classroom Mode, student players can work through each of the six key learning areas and teachers can monitor progress.

The Star Banks Adventure Game is totally free and can be played on the web or via free app download!

STAR BANKS ADVENTURE and MONEY CONFIDENT KIDS are registered trademarks of T. Rowe Price Group, Inc.

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