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4D+ Augmented and Virtual Reality Bundles from Utopia 360

September 4, 2017

Earlier this summer I connected with the folks at Utopia 360. They told me about their new augmented reality and virtual reality education resources. I’m a big fan of AR and VR since there are so many meaningful ways to integrate this technology into the classroom. When connected to your curriculum goals, AR and VR can bring course content to life, give students new ways to experience the topics you’re focused on during different units of study, and spark students’ imagination to wonder about their world. Thoughtful planning combined with engaging, purposeful learning experiences is really where augmented reality and virtual reality in the classroom shine!

4D+ Augmented and Virtual Reality Bundles 

The team at Utopia 360 sent me one of their augmented and virtual reality bundles to try out this summer. With the excitement around the eclipse still popping up on my social media platforms and conversations, I was looking forward to checking out their 4D+ Space Exploration bundle. The box arrived with augmented reality enhanced cards (a little bit bigger than a traditional deck of playing cards) as well as a VR headset. It took just a minute to download their iOS app on my iPhone and get started. Their apps also work on iPads and Android devices.

I was definitely impressed by the quality of the AR experience. Different planets popped off of each card and I was even able to see a model of the International Space Station. Before putting on the VR headset I made sure to switch the app to virtual reality mode. This split the screen in half to optimize the viewing experience for a VR device. The 4D+ Augmented and Virtual Reality Space Exploration Bundle from Utopia 360 includes a quick guide for starting too. But the whole experience was really intuitive.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

In addition to the Space Exploration bundle they also have a Dinosaur Experience and Animal Zoo. I included the 4D+ Animal Zoo video below so you could see it in action!



Each of the augmented and virtual reality bundles come with 20-26 cards that work as augmented reality triggers. The app is free to download and requires the code from your box to activate the premium content. Students can snap photos of what is happening inside the app. Then they can explore the 3D library within the app to learn more about each topic. It’s definitely a tool that could be used to support a range of curriculum goals. This includes setting up students with background knowledge on a new topic. It can help them extend their experience interacting with traditional models.

The 4D+ Augmented and Virtual Reality Bundles from Utopia 360 are available on their website, and at Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Staples, and Brookstone!


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