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TeacherKit Classroom Management Tool for Attendance, Reporting and More!

August 29, 2017

This summer I had the chance to connect with the TeacherKit team to learn more about their classroom management tool. I used this app when I was in the classroom and it’s exciting to see the new features! If you haven’t used TeacherKit before it’s a classroom management app available for iOS devices and Android devices and has over one million users worldwide.

Classroom Management Tool

The video below provides a quick overview of the TeacherKit app and shows off some of its great features. I first started using this app because I wanted a way to keep track of student attendance digitally. The Attendance Logging Tool from TeacherKit also gives users the flexibility to specify attendance types. So you can indicate whether a student was present, sick, excused, or late to class. With the latest face recognition technology, teachers can now add their students using just a photo. So you can actually snap a group photo of your class instead of adding students one by one manually.



The team at TeacherKit has also introduced the Behavior Logging Tool to give teachers a space to record anecdotal on student behavior to keep track of their areas of development and mentor them accordingly. The Seating Arrangement Feature gives users a helicopter view of their students seating plan and allows them to assign seats virtually.  With the Reporting Tool users can log student data and transforms it into a customizable report with just a few taps on the screen. This reporting tool takes the raw data you input and generates ready-made reports out of it. Also, when TeacherKit users set up their Gradebook in the app. It’s easy to log student grades as they add gradable items and categories.

Attendance, Reporting and More

I’m excited that there is now a family component to TeacherKit. Teachers can now invite students and parents to provide a quick, reliable and convenient way to keep families informed. All you have to do is download the TeacherKit app and start inviting your Students & Parents. Whether you decide to start of the school year or semester with TeacherKit or make the decision to mid-year to add this classroom management tool to your routine, you’ll find that this app is user-friendly and perfect for staying organized.

TeacherKit is free to use but if you download and subscribe now you’ll have access to a 7 day free trial – check out TeacherKit on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store!

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