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5 Engaging Back-to-School Activities with Buncee

Whether you’ve already started your first day of school or you’re just starting to set up your classroom for the new year, the back-to-school season is an exciting time for all. The fresh year ahead is full of possibilities for fun, engaging learning experiences and personal growth (for you and your students). Before it starts in full force, it’s key to start off the year on a fun and engaging note for your students and students’ families. The back-to-school activities and ideas below will help you to do just that!

5 Engaging Back-to-School Activities with Buncee

All About Me’s

Introduce yourself to your class or students’ families with an All About Me Buncee. Students can also create All About Me Buncees as a fun activity to introduce themselves and learn about their classmates. Students can use voice or audio recording to explain their Buncee creation. You can access the All About Me backgrounds in the new About Me background category. Click here to see this example in action.

New Year, New Goals

Have students document their goals for the 2017-2018 school year. Students can present their creations to the class, or you can view them through the Classroom Dashboard. Download and print the Buncees to hang in your classroom or have students keep them at their desks. Click here to see an example.

Ready To Read

There are many ways to bring literature to life with Buncee, as you can see in my previous post here. More ways to use Buncee for literacy lessons include student journals, open ended student reading activities, and interactive notebooksClick here to see the Poseidon example.

Summer Recap

Share your summer adventures and summer reading in a Buncee. Create a scrapbook documenting the fun you had, books you read, and goals you accomplished, then ask your students to create to do the same. Click here to view this example.

Buncee Doodle

This game of creating and guessing requires students to create Buncees based off prompts. These prompts could be book titles, historical events, or cultural references. The student keeps their prompt hidden from their partner(s). Once they are done creating, their partner(s) must guess what the Buncee represents! Students will have fun while they also learn the Buncee creation tools. Click here to see a blog post all about Buncee Doodles!

These creation ideas and activities will help get your students pumped for the start of the new school year. For more fun ideas, head to!

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