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Schoolrunner Comprehensive Data Management System for Schools

April 7, 2017

Last month I had the chance to connect with the team at Schoolrunner, a comprehensive data management system for schools. They have developed a powerful tool designed to make it easier for educators to analyze data. Schoolrunner accomplishes a lot of goals from simplifying attendance to visualizing data. It takes all of the information you are collecting in your class and organizes it in one place. This means analyzing data to make instructional decisions can happen in a more meaningful way.

Data Management System

The goal of this modern data analytics tool is to help teachers identify trends and patterns in data. Then they can collect information so it is easier to make instructional decisions. Since Schoolrunner keeps a range of information organized in one place users can open up the platform on any device to check in on student progress. The snapshots and in-depth information is visible to teachers. It can be used for individual interventions and to form groups of students with similar needs.


The video above gives a quick overview of Schoolrunner so you can see the platform in action. Not only does it bring information on student mastery all together in one place, it also gives teachers tools to connect this information with administrators and families. Schoolrunner’s parent portal gives families access to a snapshot of their child’s day from any web-browser — keeping everyone in the loop. This modern data analytics tool helps families stay up-to-date on student progress. It can  identify areas where children might need extra help.

Schoolrunner is used at schools across the country and teachers have shared their story on Schoolrunner’s blog. Instead of just focusing on collecting data points, Schoolrunner lets kids track their own progress and helps teachers and schools set goals for the future. If you’re looking for a more efficient and effective way to manage data in your classroom or school, you’ll definitely want to check out Schoolrunner.

Visit Schoolrunner’s website to learn more about this comprehensive data management system for schools!

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