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Documenting Projects with 30hands Storyteller

Digital Portfolios that include student-created videos and digital stories engage students as they dive into course content. With 30hands Storyteller, creating digital products becomes quick and easy for students of all ages while documenting projects for them to reflect on at the end of the year. For teachers, it provides an insight into the progress of their students as they listen in as children explain their thinking.

Using Videos and Documenting Projects

Students can create their own videos to explain their learning. With the power to narrate over their own content, students can demonstrate their understanding in alternate forms than the traditional essay, poster and Powerpoint presentation. As students create videos over the course of the school year, each student creation can be collected for a digital portfolio. This digital portfolio can provide students and families with a collection of learning artifacts.

Earlier this year I featured 30hands Storyteller, a fantastic tool students can use to create a video or digital story about their learning. When students download the video they can add it to their class portfolio. This can happen in Google Drive, OneDrive or wherever you decide to collect their work.

What kind of videos belong in student portfolios?

The videos students create can fall into a range of categories. From personal narratives to tutorials, to reflections on their own learning, there are lots of options for video creations. If your students are learning a new language they might create a video providing an overview of their favorite hobbies in the language they are learning. If your students are learning elements of an argument they might create a persuasive video with a call to action.

Digital portfolios can be used as formative assessment even when they are used to celebrate student accomplishments at the end of the school year. 30hands Storyteller lets students reflect and revise. So each video can provide a means for the teacher to view the growth of their learners. This means teachers can check in on students throughout the creation process. The videos in student portfolios can also honor voice and choice. By creating a video, students can choose images and the other content they use. They have the power to choose how they will go about telling their own story.

Learn more about 30hands Storyteller by visiting their website!

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