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Literacy Apps for Families: 4 iPad Tools from My Toddlers Apps

January 13, 2017

My Toddlers Apps are a collection of four apps focused on literacy growth outside of the classroom. The team at My Toddlers Apps developed these iPad apps to support families looking to help their children grow as readers. With these literacy apps for families, parents can record their voice to help their children learn new words. Children hear the words read aloud by family members as they grow as readers.

Literacy Apps for Families

In the classroom, you might decide to have this app incorporated into literacy stations where students can interact with new vocabulary. Alternatively, you might share this app in a parent newsletter or family literacy night. The idea behind the apps from My Toddlers Apps is that families can support their children by leveraging the power of the audio and visual tools on an iPad. The video below share their mission.


Games for Kids

The four apps now available from My Toddlers App are MTA Animals, MTA Family, MTA Match and MTA Reader. MTA Animal presents over 40 animals to children and helps them learn their names and how to spell each one. The MTA Family app lets parents add pictures of family members. It can help them learn the name of each person and spell along with the app. MTA Match is a memory building game for toddlers that lets users upload their own images or pick from a library from within the app. MTA Reader presents children with a eBook that reads aloud to them using the voice of a family member.

The four apps from My Toddlers Apps provide opportunities for families to support the literacy growth of their children. The learning that happens outside of school can provide a foundation for the work that happens inside of a classroom. These apps are all available for iPads.

Learn more about these four apps for families by visiting My Toddlers Apps’ website!

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