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Kiddom’s New iOS App: Plan, Assess and Analyze Learning On the Go

January 11, 2017

This past year I had the chance to see Kiddom in action. If you’re a regular follower of, you know how I’m passionate about educational technology tools that support meaningful formative assessment. Kiddom has designed an iOS app for both teachers and students. Educators can now use Kiddom to plan, assess and analyze data in their classroom easier than ever!

Plan, Assess and Analyze Learning On the Go

With the new Kiddom app for iPhone and iPad, teachers can assess student work and share feedback with their class in real time. Instead of feeling like they have to reinvent the wheel to meet the needs of all of their students, teachers can use Kiddom to connect to premium, standards-aligned activities and lessons tailored to their individual needs. The video below provides a quick overview of what you can accomplish using the Kiddom app on your mobile device.



The Kiddom app helps 21st century students to stay organized, submit work, and get feedback in a timely manner. Students can use the Kiddom app on their iPhone or iPad to learn on their own time. The app let students ask clarifying questions in-the-moment, to make their learning experiences meaningful and productive. With Kiddom, students don’t have to wait until they step inside their classroom to get the support they need. The mobile app helps students find answers to their questions right away, so they can spend more time interacting with content and less time worrying about misconceptions.

Just like the online platform, Kiddom’s new iOS app for iPhone and iPad is totally free. You can download the app directly from the Apple App Store or visit Kiddom’s website to learn more. If you’re an Android user, stay tuned for an Android version of the app scheduled for release later this year!

Learn more by visiting Kiddom’s website!

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