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4 Special Features of Ormiboard’s Lesson Building Tools

November 1, 2016

At the beginning of the school year I had the chance to see Ormiboard in action. This interactive lesson building tool gives educators the power to create their own awesome lessons for students. Ormiboard even lets teachers take lessons they’ve already made and convert it into an interactive experience for students.

There are a lot of reasons Ormiboard is an awesome lesson building tool for teachers. Here are four special features of Ormiboard with steps you can follow to get started right away!

4 Special Features of Ormiboard’s Lesson Building Tools

1. Create a unique matching activity in three easy steps
  • Add your activity elements, this could include images, shapes, or text
  • Name the target objects using the side panel
  • Make the objects moveable and assign it to a target using the side panel
  • The result is a simple, yet powerful, matching activity
2. Create a slideshow with clickable slides in three easy steps
  • Add slide images to your board
  • Arrange the slide images on your board
  • Enable “click to enlarge” function for each image in the side panel
  • The result is a clickable slideshow with images that enlarge and return to original size
3. Create a dynamic background effect in three easy steps
  • Add a background image to your board
  • Using the floating toolbar move the background image ‘to back’
  • Add an interactive element and use the side panel to set it to spin on open
  • The result is spinning hurricane background image like in the pictures below
4. Build a custom interactive lesson in minutes using Ormiboard’s growing list of layout and activity templates
  • Sorting Activity
  • Matching Activity
  • Video Grid Layout
  • Reference Page Layout
  • and more…


Learn more about Ormiboard’s lesson building tools by visiting their website!

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