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Skyscrapers iPad App with STEM Teacher Guide

October 13, 2016

The folks at TinyBop have amazing apps for students with a special STEM Teacher Guide! Last year I profiled six of their beautifully designed iPad apps, all of which promote learning through exploration. Their new app Skyscrapers offers lots of ways for students to explore city life. Kids can investigate and construct their own skyscrapers while learning about how people work and play inside these massive buildings.

Skyscrapers iPad App

skyscrapers-ipad-app-with-stem-teacher-guideOne thing that I’m super excited about is the STEM teacher guide put together by the team at TinyBop. This guide is free to download and it’s full of information to bring back to your classroom. The explanations of domain-specific vocabulary words and discussion questions are particularly useful.

How could you use the Skyscrapers iPad app in your classroom?

  • Introduction to a community unit in social studies
  • Science connection to an ecosystems lesson
  • To build prior knowledge before sharing a read aloud book with an urban setting
  • Add your idea to the comments below…

Learn more about Skyscrapers by visiting TinyBop’s website!

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