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New Resource for the First Time Computer Science Teacher

September 29, 2016

Teachers want to bring coding into their classrooms but there are roadblocks that can get in the way. It takes time to learn computer programming. For teachers who are brand new to computer science this is time you just don’t have in your busy schedules. Coding can be expensive to learn and it might be cost prohibitive to hire new computer science teachers at your school.

If you want to bring coding to your school you’ll want to find a platform that takes care of the tough parts of teaching a coding class (curriculum delivery, grading, reporting analytics) so teachers can focus on learning the material while facilitating a class. Here are some tips for getting started with coding using the awesome tool Pythonroom.

First Time Computer Science Teacher

  • new-resource-for-the-first-time-computer-science-teacherPythonroom was designed specifically for teachers who want to bring coding into their classrooms, but do not have prior experience.
  • If you want to bring coding to your school you can use Pythonroom to create a classroom, add your students, and start coding.
  • Teachers can access solutions to the coding problems students are working on with this tool and extra material to help facilitate classroom learning.
  • Use the classroom management dashboard  to track student progress in relation to the rest of the class so you ca decide who needs extra support.
  • Monitor the news feed for live updates on student activity.
  • Once a teacher is proficient, the platform has many features to allow teachers to deliver their own curriculum as well. This makes it easy to customize your class.
  • Teachers can use the project code to support students in real-time.
  • If you’re bringing coding to your school you can also use this tool to share and send files to students.

Learn more about how Pythonroom can help you bring coding to your school by visiting their website!

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Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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