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9 Reasons to Try Classroom Coding Curriculum

September 6, 2016

Ready to take coding to the next level? Classroom is targeted at skilled high school or higher-ed computer science teachers that are able to create their own coding curriculum and automatic grading programs. This website is perfect for teachers who have experience with coding and want a better way of organizing their curriculum. Classroom lets teachers and computer science educators publish assignments directly to students. Students can then submit their solutions and receive feedback from their teachers. The progress tracking and autograding can help teachers stay on top of their students’ assignments – perfect for big class rosters. Classroom coding curriculum

  1. It’s easy to start since users can setup their class with a coding environment in just a few minutes.
  2. classroom works on any computer since it is totally browser based making it perfect for BYOD (bring-your-own-device) environments or schools where students are using a mix of computers.
  3. 9 Reasons to Try Classroom Coding CurriculumIt includes support for more than 30 programming languages so teachers can tailor this tool to their particular instructional goals.
  4. Teachers can create assignments complete with a starter code and instructions for your students.
  5. There is the option to give students feedback directly on their submissions to help them improve their work.
  6. Teachers can choose to auto-grade student submissions by using unit tests to check for progress.
  7. Auto-grading tests means students certainly get immediate feedback on their code without any gaps in response time.
  8. Classroom includes a handful of management tools like a teacher dashboard, the ability to track student progress, notifications, and more.
  9. This coding curriculum for students is also totally free!

If you’re ready to take your computer science instruction to the next level you’ll want to explore the coding curriculum from Classroom.

Learn more about Classroom by visiting their website!

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3 Responses to “9 Reasons to Try Classroom Coding Curriculum”

    • Hi Marston, thanks for your message! Google Classroom is a great tool for keeping track of the work your students are doing. You can think of Pythonroom as a website with curriculum that is ready to go, as opposed to Google Classroom where you are creating content and sharing it with your students. If your students have an account with Google they can use that email to login to their Pythonroom account. If you have any specific questions on getting started, please send an email my way:

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