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Curious World: Early Learning Games, Videos & Books

July 20, 2016

The folks at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt have an iPad app full of learning games for youngsters. It includes access to  educational books games, and videos. Curious World is for kids ages two to seven. It is perfect for kids inside and outside of the classroom.

What will you find in Curious World? There are hundreds of learning games including books and videos with familiar characters like Curious George. Teachers and families can start with a free trial. Then they can decide if they’d like to subscribe for regular access to content. There are new activities added each week and the app doesn’t contain any advertisements. The content is tailored to the age of the child using the app for a personalized learning experience – and users can make up to five profiles.

Curious World - Early learning games, videos and booksLearning Games and More

Curious World includes learning games, books and videos that feature topics like science, math and literacy. You might use this app in the classroom to introduce or reinforce concept. It might be tool that you recommend to families at the beginning of the year for at-home support, or something you share with parents if their child needs extra practice at home.

I love apps that feature familiar characters and include lots of ways for students to interact with content. Whether kids open up in a book in the app or watch a video before playing a game, there is lots for them to pick and choose from as they become independent learners. It’s so important for students develop a sense of curiosity and this app does a great job of giving kids a space to explore.

Visit Curious World on the Apple App Store to learn more about this app for early learners!

Have you tried Curious World in your classroom? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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