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Mussila Monster Adventure Music App

June 21, 2016

Looking to increase creativity, build music skills and let students explore?  Mussila is a music app game for children designed specifically for students aged 6-11 years old. It’s goal is to teach the basics in music to children. Kids will travel with the Mussila band and participate in jam sessions. They’ll make their way to mountainsides surrounded by mystical creatures as they work on building musical skills.

Music App for Students

Why would you use the Mussila music app with your students?
With Mussila students have access to all the basic tools they’ll need to create, play and enjoy music. There is even the opportunity to earn stars and unlock new items such as instruments on the way. This app could is perfect for collaborative learning opportunities. Including with pairs of students or to make connections to an informational text or read aloud. You might also use it to simply to give students the freedom to explore musical concepts.

Visit Mussila’s website to learn more about this musical app!

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