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Graphing for Kids: Input Data & Make Charts on iPads

May 22, 2016

Graphing for Kids is an iPad app for students who want to explore how to input data and make charts. With this app students make charts and create their own graphs. Following step-by-step instructions students will draw a chart, input data, and make a graph. In this app kids will learn how to make bar graphs, line graphs, circle graphs and pictographs.

Graphing for Kids

Copy of Copy of Copy of Crayola Color AliveGraphing for Kids also introduces students to horizontal and vertical bar graphs. Learning how to interact with data is an important real world skill for students. Applications for this include polling an audience, conducting a survey and learning how to represent data. Students are expected to make sense of information on a chart and analyze data. This app asks students to interact with a variety of graphs and get lay a foundation for further study in your classroom.

Graphing is such an important concept for students. Although it is clearly called out in the Common Core Standards, we know that it is more than that. Graphing helps students make a visual representation of data. This can include cross-curricular experiences.

Check out Graphing for Kids on the Apple App Store!

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