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Quizalize Individual Reports: Intervention Support for Students

May 5, 2016

Last year I shared Quizalize, a classroom tool that turns assessments into fun classroom quizzes. The folks behind this engaging platform have added a new feature called Individual Student Reports to provide intervention support for students. With Quizalize students are first praised for what they did well. Then kids are given a list of skills to practice based on their results. These topics are prioritized so students spend time on areas where they need extra help.

Intervention Support for Students

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 17.33.17-minTeachers can also use the reports to decide on other interventions for each student. This could include extra practice, introduction to new strategies or small group work. The reports show how much time students took to answer each question and also highlights and celebrates each student’s improvement over time. The new Individual Student Reports from Quizalize are easy for students to access and help them figure out where to spend time as they work through practice activities.

Learn more about Quizalize’s Individual Student Reports by visiting their website!

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