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Creative, School Storytelling App from Dr. Panda

April 8, 2016

In Dr. Panda School, kids will be able to play school and explore fun and creative activities with this storytelling app . This includes painting and sculpting in the art room, growing plants in the school yard, teaching a history class, and even making favorite foods in the cafeteria. Perfect for young students, Dr. Panda School lets kids create and tell their own stories. They will explore and role play within the school, and students can use any objects they discover along the way.

School Storytelling App

Creative, School Storytelling App from Dr. Panda 1This storytelling app lets kids take on the role of teacher, student, cook or janitor. They can choose who they would like to be and customize the animal characters with clothes, hats, glasses and more. Children can work their way through all the different rooms in Dr. Panda School. They’ll be able to make clay sculptures in the art class, grow crops in the playground, take care of a hamster or teach math in the classroom.

Visit the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon Store to download Dr. Panda School, or check out the video trailer here!

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