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Growth Mindset “With Math I Can” Initiative & Resources

March 16, 2016

As a former classroom teacher I know how easy it is for kids to feel frustrated when they come across a tough math problem. Supporting students as they work through rigorous, multi-step math problems is essential for helping kids stay motivated and prepared for the real world. The team at Amazon and partners from the education world are challenging the nation’s more than 3 million teachers and their students to take the pledge to replace the notion of “I’m not good at math” with “I am working to get better at math” by embracing a growth mindset.

“With Math I Can” is a national initiative to change people’s mindsets about math. “With Math I Can” asks teachers and students who take the pledge to replace saying, “I’m not good at math” with statements like, “I will learn from my mistakes” or “I will persevere through challenges in math.” The initiative is supported by a website, a video that highlights the need for a growth mindset around math, and a powerful set of free resources for teachers to use with their students to make a change.

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