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WordWriter Interactive Vocabulary Development Activities

March 4, 2016

If you’re looking for new way to increase student vocabulary, check out WordWriter. With WordWriter, students participate in short interactive vocabulary development activities that assess and enhance their understanding of key terms, figures, phrases, and dates. As students type the vocabulary word correctly, it is checked off in the Word Bank and highlighted in their text. It’s a great introduction to BoomWriter’s collaborative writing and peer assessment tools I shared last year.

Interactive Vocabulary

WordWriter Interactive Vocabulary Development ActivitiesWordWriter modules are quick and easy. Students can complete WordWriter activities in one to two class periods. Teachers can have students using the specific vocabulary in short stories or sentences, writing out definitions for each word, or using for spelling check with younger students. BoomWriter offers free monthly activity downloads of themed word lists and lesson plans for teachers.

Visit BoomWriter’s website to learn more about WordWriter!

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