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Create Interactive Lessons and Monitor Progress Live with Stile

January 21, 2016

Stile is a power tool for creating and teaching interactive lessons.  Not only can you quickly create interactive lessons, you can also monitor progress live and provide real-time feedback, all in a single platform. Lessons in Stile include an easy drag and drop lesson builder. Teachers can choose to add a variety of content. This can include videos, mind maps, or multiple choice questions. It also lets users drag and drop images, graphs, tables, live polls and sketchpads into interactive lessons.

Interactive Lessons with Stile

Create Interactive Lessons and Monitor Progress Live with StileOne interesting content option is Stile’s Interactive Canvas which gives teachers the power to lock, release and annotate visual elements to easily create interactive sequencing, matching and drag and drop tasks.Lessons are released to students through a code and their progress can be monitored live through Stile’s insights engine. Teachers can reach and respond to each and every student in real-time through discussion boards and multiple feedback methods including in-line annotation, post-its and audio. The free version of Stile also allows you to create and teach up to 15 lessons to 100 students and access the Learning Community Library of community-generated lessons.

Visit Stile’s website to learn more about this lesson creator!

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