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ClassDojo Video Series on Growth Mindset

January 19, 2016

ClassDojo is a powerful classroom management tool used by teachers around the world.  The folks at ClassDojo are launching a video series and accompanying discussion guides all about Growth Mindset.  The goal of the ClassDojo video series is to help any and every classroom learn about growth mindset and how to start developing one. The series will be five episodes in length that follow Mojo (ClassDojo’s much loved green monster) and his friend Katie as they explore different aspects of growth mindset.

Video Series on Growth Mindset

ClassDojo Video Series on Growth MindsetThe video series was designed to be used in any K-12 classroom and the first video launched today!  Over the next several Sundays, ClassDojo will release the next episode in the series so that classroom and school communities can all talk about the core principle in each video about growth mindset.  The ClassDojo team developed this Big Idea video series with the guidance of Stanford University’s Project for Education Research That Scales.

Check out the first clip in the ClassDojo video series by visiting this site!

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