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Go Mobile with Spanish Language Learning: Level 3 Now Available!

January 7, 2016

Earlier this year I shared the Spanish language learning app ¡Así lo digo!  Level 3 of this engaging, easy-to-use app is now available.  It promotes proficiency and confidence through proper pronunciation, spelling and translation. ¡Así lo digo! offers a simple way to learn, practice, and review all of the vocabulary presented in ¡Así se dice!

Spanish Language Learning

Go Mobile with Spanish Language Learning: Level 3 Now AvailableUsers can choose to study vocabulary cards or challenge yourself with contextualized activities. Flashcards allow you to flip the card to learn the English equivalent, listen to a native Spanish speaker pronounce the word, and even record your own voice pronouncing the word to compare it to the recorded pronunciation. Activities allow you to practice listening and reading comprehension. Listen to a phrase and match it to the correct answer, or read descriptions and match them to the correct illustration. Identify synonyms and antonyms, and sequence sentences correctly. Determine if a speaker’s statements are true or false, and listen for key information.

Since the app does not require online access, you can study anytime, anywhere. Use your own devices to study at your own pace, at the times that are convenient for you.

Download the ¡Así lo digo! apps for free – Level 1Level 2Level 3 – now through January 31, 2016!

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