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MotionMagix Interactive Floor Game for Kids

December 4, 2015

MotionMagix is a super fun, interactive floor game experience for children.  At preschools, elementary schools and indoor play areas students can jump around. They can tap the wall as they work through a variety of interactive games.  MotionMagix uses a projector and special equipment to create an interactive floor.  It provides a space for students to play and explore independently or with a small group.

Interactive Floor Game

MotionMagix Interactive Floor Games for KidsInteractive floor activities like the ones designed by MotionMagix give kids an opportunity to move around a space, problem solve and work with their peers.  This interactive educational tool promotes critical thinking. It provides an opportunity for students to stay active during the school day or during after school programs.  There are lots of different games that teachers can download. You can tailor MotionMagix to different age groups and educational goals.

Learn more by visiting MotionMagix’s website or also check out this video!

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