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Unplag Plagiarism Detection Online Tool for Educators

November 28, 2015

Many schools value Plagiarism Detection and Unplag is an online tools for teachers and students designed to support academic integrity.  Unplag can help educators check papers for plagiarism with a transparent and personalized online tool.  It provides educators with real-time results performing searches in a few seconds.  You can also integrate Unplag with LMSes like Blackboard, Sakai, Moodle and Canvas.

Plagiarism Detection Online Tool

Unplag Plagiarism Detection Online Tool for Educators 1Unplag certainly has special options for schools so that institutions can create their own databases of student work.  Instructors are also able to share folders with students and easily check work by comparing them to material on the Internet or the school database.  Unplag offers a multi-language check and omits citations and references to get a better similarity report.  It also supports multiple formats including docx/doc, pdf,  txt, rtf, odt, html.

Learn more by visiting the Unplag plagiarism checker website too!

Update: This tool is now called Unicheck – learn more in this updated post.

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