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Social Inferences eBook from Upbility: Downloadable PDF Picture Cards

November 22, 2015

Upbility is a publisher of therapy resources and they have a new eBook available for download on Social Inferences.  This card pack in PDF format is a ready-to-use resource for teachers.  It includes 60 printable double-sided cards designed to foster key social skills and help students make social inferences.  In addition to being a PDF resource that is easy to print, it includes a part specially designed for use with tablets.

Social Inferences eBook

Social Inferences eBook from Upbility 1Each card in Upbility’s Social Inferences eBook includes a photograph and easy-to-read questions to prompt young learners as they discuss different social situations.  Educators working with students who need support with social inferences will benefit from this well-organized resource that can can be used on paper or tablets.  It is designed to nurture children’s ability to describe, interpret and successfully integrate social cues and contextual information to make meaning.

Visit Upbility’s website to learn more about their Social Inferences eBook!

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