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Deliver Collaborative Lessons and Assessments with MimioMobile

November 2, 2015

This month Mimio launched MimioMobile for the Web — a new version of its MimioMobile application.  The web application lets educators deliver collaborative lessons and assessments to their entire class.  The release of their web version means that MimioMobile now works on virtually any device. MimioMobile now works on almost any device — Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, laptops, and even Chromebooks.

Deliver Collaborative Lessons

Deliver Collaborative Lessons and Assessments with MimioMobileThe MimioMobile app will allow teachers to display student work to the whole class providing an opportunity for collaborative learning and a deeper understanding of student comprehension.  Educators can try the software for free for 30 days.  Teachers can use the Starter Pack of lesson samples, assessment questions, and tips to make the most of their trial.

Learn more about MimioMobile and sign up for the free trial by visiting Mimio’s website!


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