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Things to Learn – Study Tools for iOS

September 13, 2015

Things to Learn was first created to help students with little or no keyboard skills. Specifically to study for Spelling Bees on their own.  This study tools app lets children listen to the words. Then they spell and write the answer on their iPad using handwriting or the keyboard. Families and teachers can participate in the process too. This happens by creating the tests, recording voice for the pronunciation of the word or choosing from one of the 27 text to speech languages available.

Study Tools for iOS

Things to Learn - Study Tools for iOSThings to Learn Study Tools  is a great tool for elementary to high school students and it isn’t limited to spelling lists. Tests can be created for classic Q&A, multiple-choice or flashcards. You can also add photos, videos and recordings to each question and/or answer in a test. As a bonus, students can choose from over 27 languages to hear questions read in the selected language.

Visit the Apple App Store to also learn more about Things to Learn Study Tools!

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