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Science4Us Digital Science Curriculum: Includes Embedded PD Resources

August 28, 2015

Science4Us is a standards-based digital science curriculum that teaches science using the 5E inquiry-based instructional model. In addition to over 350 digital games and online activities, there are tons of offline experiments. There are also hands-on projects to boost student engagement. It’s a great choice for teachers looking to include cross-curricular activities that connect science instruction to math and language arts. Students will also learn the importance of notetaking and observing, with their very own digital notebook.

Digital Science Curriculum

Science4Us Digital Science Curriculum: Includes Embedded PD ResourcesOne of Science4Us’ notable features for educators is embedded professional development.  This includes, step-by-step session guides that show how to approach each daily lesson and helpful teacher guides that explain the content and the importance of each activity.  There are also teaching strategies that help enhance your students’ learning experience and teacher lessons with additional content-specific information.

Visit Science4Us’ website to register for a free 60-day trial here!

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