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TinyTap Insights: Analytics for Teachers

June 25, 2015

Earlier this year I shared TinyTap, a fantastic creation tools for teachers and students.  They’ve just launched Insights, a data management tool to leverage your favorite TinyTap lessons into quantifiable teaching resources. TinyTap was designed to give teachers the power to create interactive lessons for students. They now give teachers the tools to see real-time analytics. This includes which lessons students completed, how they scored, and whether or not they’re improving over time.

Real-Time Analytics

TinyTap Insights - Analytics for Teachers Teachers can use TinyTap and the new Insights tool for formative assessments including tests, quizzes, and lesson reviews.  TinyTap can be used as digital homework to assign a lesson, track who played, and see how they performed.  In project-based learning environments, students can build their own portfolios of interactive presentations using the TinyTap platform.

Click here to learn more about TinyTap Insights and see it in action!

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