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Critical Thinking Resources from Mentoring Minds

June 7, 2015

Critical thinking is an essential skill for students both across grade levels and content areas. Mentoring Minds, a national publisher of critical thinking resources for K-12. They offer educators curriculum solutions in print and digital formats. These integrate best practices for supplementary instruction, learning and assessment across a range of subject areas.

Critical Thinking Resources

TOMO_Key_Art_FinalLast year the company launched Total Motivation. It is a supplemental curriculum tool that delivers deeply aligned content. This comes in a total package that includes both print and online formats. This is certainly a unique print-and-online solution. It can ensure teachers and students have access to high-quality content. This content can meet rigorous standards and effectively build individual critical thinking skills for the classroom and beyond.

Mentoring Minds recently unveiled two new additions to the Total Motivation family. Total Motivation for California aligns 100 percent with the California Common Core State Standards for Math and English Language Arts (ELA). Total Motivation for California reflects the rigor of Smarter Balanced assessments in order to meet the needs of students and educators in some of the country’s largest school districts.

Visit the Mentoring Minds website to learn more!

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