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Tocomail Online Communication Tool for Kids

June 5, 2015

Tocomail provides fun and safe online communication tool for kids. Kids can use Tocomail to send messages to family members and friends, and it is great as classroom communication service. Since I first wrote about Tocomail, there are a lot of new options to share. This includes single click audio and video messaging, texting, and updated interface. With Tocomail kids can send emails and text messages and use a drawing board with a lot of fun tools. Kids can use it to draw and send picture messages including holiday or birthday postcards and greetings.

Communication Tool for Kids

TocomailCommunication Tool for Kids is available for free on the desktop on iPhones, iPads and Android phones/tablets. This is includes simple yet effective parental controls. So no message will get to or from the child unless it is also coming from a safe contact. This includes one approved by a parent or teacher. Tocomail also detects profanities and bullying patterns, quarantines such messages and immediately notifies parent or teacher.  With summer break approaching, Tocomail can help students stay in touch with their friends and practice digital literacy skills.

Learn more by visiting Tocomail’s website!

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