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QR Code Mother’s Day Activities from Scanova

May 7, 2015

Scanova, a QR Code app for teachers, has created a set of engaging classroom activities for K-2 students, specially for Mother’s Day. Each activity has a QR Code-based answer sheet. Students need to solve questions and color the blocks of the QR Code that have the right answer. When they get all the answers right, the QR Code becomes scannable to reveal a video or song dedicated to mothers. Students can convert these answer sheets into gift cards and present them to their mothers.

QR Code Activities

Scanova_TPT_QR Code PuzzleThe activities are housed on Scanova’s TPT Store. These fun and engaging activities are perfect for elementary class teachers looking to incorporate math and language skill practice into their classrooms.  You simply need to download and print these for your students, making them a time-saver too.

Click here to visit the QR Code Generator app by Scanova.

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