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Mathspace: Step-by-Step Math Handwriting for iPad

March 17, 2015

Students can now show every line of their math work on iPad and other tablets. Ready for math handwriting for iPad? Students can write all their steps by hand on screen. Mathspace digitizes each handwritten line and grades it automatically, giving students immediate, formative feedback at every step of the way – like having a teacher at their side. This is a huge step forward from multiple choice or single-input response math questions. These are certainly the type that most students and teachers often see on digital platforms.

Math Handwriting for iPad

Math Handwriting for iPadAvailable for Grades 6 through Algebra II, Mathspace’s powerful adaptive engine selects questions are also tailored to a student’s ability, creating a personalized learning path. Teachers no longer grade work, and have diagnostic tools pinpointing where their students and classes have conceptual difficulties. With over 12,000 interactive questions, instructional videos and lessons, and a points-based incentive system Mathspace makes it easy to keep students engaged.

Learn more by watching this video or download the app for free!

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