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Membean for Vocabulary

January 7, 2014

A fantastic online tool for vocabulary acquisition is Membean – an individualized web based platform for learning.  With a focus on student engagement and memory retention, Membean uses an adaptive reinforcement engine to make sure that students are remembering what they’ve learned.  Vocabulary is presented to students in a variety of Memlets including: context, through examples, using word roots, videos, related images, word constellation, related words and memory hooks.

Vocabulary App

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Teachers will love having access to detailed student reports that they can share with parents and their children.  These resources help educators monitor student progress for students at a variety of levels.  Enriching students’ vocabulary increases reading comprehension and builds confidence.  This online tool is a wonderful option for teachers looking for a platform that meets the needs of individual students – check out Membean’s website, take a tour of their program , or watch their video to learn more!

Email if you’re interested in a 30-day free personal trial or free classroom pilots for 3 months for teachers!

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