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Monica Burns is an EdTech & Curriculum Consultant, Apple Distinguished Educator and Founder of ClassTechTips.com. In her role as a classroom teacher she used iPads one to one with her students to create engaging, differentiated learning experiences. Monica has presented to teachers, administrators and tech enthusiasts at numerous national and international conferences including SXSWedu, ISTE, and EduTECH. She is a webinar host for SimpleK12 and a regular contributor to Edutopia and Channel One News.  Monica is the author of Deeper Learning with QR Codes and Augmented Reality: A Scannable Solution for Your Classroom (Corwin, 2016).

Monica visits school across the country to work with PreK-12 teachers to make technology integration exciting and accessible. She also provides support to organizations using technology to reach children and families in need. Monica is a graduate of the University of Delaware and Hunter College, and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Global Education Leadership at Lamar University.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for your posts! I’ve just tried TocoMail and I love it! I do have one question… do we teachers have to set up all our students accounts? I’d appreciate if you reply it, My email address is mariabossa1 at hotmail dot com. Smiles from Argentina, Maria :)

    1. Hi Maria, Thanks for your question!

      Teacher creates one administrator account and add any number of kids email accounts to it. Creating email account for one child takes only a few seconds and all kids in the class are getting to each others contracts lists automatically.

  2. Dear Monica: What a wonderful resource this site is for teachers using iPads. We will most certainly share this site with other educators. Also, thank you very much for reviewing our Knowji vocabulary app on appolearning.com. Best, Emmie

  3. I just learned about your site on news@edutopia.org and the wonderful work you are doing with iPads. I am looking forward to dissecting your site and learning new ideas to use in my classroom. I am wondering about the QR code scavenger hunts. How do they work?

    1. Hi Priscilla, thanks for checking out my blog!
      I have students scan QR codes using their iPads and answer questions specific to each website. It’s a great way to introduce a topic through informational texts, timelines, and other multimedia text.

  4. Hi Monica! Tanya Coyle (of Yapp Guru) just told me about you, so I came over to check out the site. Love how creative you are with apps in your classroom! I review apps for SLPs over at SpeechieApps.com, and I’m so inspired by your out-of-the-box ways to use tech. Later elementary is my area of least expertise (I’ve worked more with preschool and adults), so it’s awesome to see how obviously fun you are making it to work with this age group. Can’t wait to read more.

  5. Monica,
    I stumbled across your site via a Reading Rockets article. Thanks a million for sharing your amazing tools, tips and tech saavy. I plan to share it at my school and try out some of the apps with my third graders.
    Debra Mason
    3rd grade Dighton Elementary, Dighton, Massachusetts

    1. You’re very welcome Debra – I hope that you and your colleagues find my tips useful! Don’t forget to sign up to receive automatic email updates for new posts, and “like” my page on Facebook :)

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