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WittyWe Educational Videos to Supplement Instruction

Searching for “just right” educational videos for your classroom? The team at WittyWe created an online learning environment to inspires students to dive into a range of educational media. They designed a space for students to access video content connected to curriculum goals that is engaging and thoughtfully connected to course material.

WittyWe Educational Videos

If you haven’t heard of WittyWe before, they offer a variety of video content for students. Their educational videos address a range of topics. This includes math, history, chemistry, health and computer science – just to name a few. The goal of WittyWe is to make complex educational concepts and real life skill topics easier for students to comprehend. WittyWe’s video content strives to show students how fun and powerful learning can be and makes them passionate about expanding their knowledge.

I had a chance to explore WittyWe this month and I was impressed by the range of educational videos available for students to explore (here’s the link to the free trial). For example, their Environmental Science category has over a dozen videos and students can explore videos on The Water Cycle, Population Growth and even Fossil Fuels. What I like about WittyWe is how the videos present information along with a narrative, so students can follow along with familiar characters as they jump into different topics.

Support and Supplement Classroom Instruction

In addition to educational videos on the core content areas, students can also access a library of educational videos related to life and career readiness skills. This includes topics like: time management, leadership skills and healthy-living skills. The videos on WittyWe support and supplement core classroom topics. They also encourage students to independently explore topics not typically covered in the classroom. WittyWe videos leverage a range of teaching techniques including storytelling and resolving real-life cases.

The team at WittyWe is currently working to roll out interactive resources and lessons to accompany each video. This will soon include quizzes, games and other activities. Some videos already have this type of supplemental content but more is on the way. As students explore WittyWe, they can earn points, badges, certificates and prizes too.

WittyWe is available to teachers, homeschooling parents and schools with a 90 day free trial of WittyWe. After the trial, there is the option to purchase a classroom license. This includes individual student accounts – and schools and districts can also purchase licenses.

Learn more by heading over to WittyWe’s website!

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Blog Author and EdTech Consultant Dr. Monica Burns

Monica Burns

Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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