student writing

How To Easily Create Student Journals with Adobe Spark

A journal might take the form of a leather-bound book or a marble notebook covered in stickers. If your students use both analog and digital spaces to capture their learning, you know that there are benefits to both forms of journaling. When students gather and share their thoughts in online spaces however, the format lends […]

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Lifelong Learning with bulb Digital Portfolio App

What does it mean to embrace a lifelong learning mindset? Perhaps you model strategies for students throughout the school day, like mentioning a fascinating podcast or sharing an article you recently read. Another component of lifelong learning is the ability to track, reflect, and share what one has learned. A digital portfolio app can help […]

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Book Writer One A Creation Tool for iPads

Last year I shared the app Book Writer which helps students publish their own work.  This is a creation tool for iPads. Book Writer has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy for users of all ages to create their very own multimedia enhanced book.  Students and teachers can add video, audio and […]

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