3 Math Apps for Stations

Designing math stations in your classroom? iPads can give students access to learning games and virtual math manipulatives.  Teachers looking to engage students with interactive activities can incorporate iPad apps into station work.  This is a great option for classrooms with access to just a few devices. As well as for teachers looking to make […]

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4 iPad Apps for Learning Letter Sounds

The iPad is a fantastic tool for supporting student learning.  It provides an opportunity for children to interact with content in a completely new way.  These letter sound apps focus on supporting students as they master the sounds that letters make.  Beyond naming and identifying each letter, the goal of these apps is to cultivate […]

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Literacy Apps for Stations: Games, Videos & More

Literacy apps for stations are a great use for just a handful of iPads in a classroom. Many teachers ask me what to do with just a handful of iPads. Whether you are in a second grade classroom with two iPads, or a library with five devices, you can create stations for students of all […]

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