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Technology Resources for Science Experiments – Easy EdTech Podcast 006

In this episode I share technology resources and ideas for your next science experiment. You’ll hear how to use EdTech tools to conduct, capture and prepare for science experiments in your classroom this year, with plenty of cross-curricular connections! Subscribe to the podcast on your favorite platform: iTunes/Podcast App Google Play Stitcher Spotify So let’s […]

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Wireless Motion Sensor and Software for Students

Are you looking to engage students in problem-solving this school year? If you’re teaching math or science or supporting a teacher who is, you’ll want to check out the new PASCO Wireless Motion Sensor and MatchGraph! software. Whether you measure the motion of moving objects or objects in freefall, there are lots of ways to use […]

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LabQuest Stream Flexible Data Collection for Experiments

LabQuest Stream is a wireless and USB sensor interface. It helps students with scientific data collection for experiments. This tool works on a mobile device, Chromebook, or computer. No matter what type of device students are using, LabQuest Stream provides educators the freedom and flexibility to collect data using a wide variety of computing platforms. It is compatible […]

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