Creative App to Help Students with Logic and Reasoning

This year on the blog, I’ve had the chance to share some of the awesome apps from Avokiddo. They have a wide range of low-cost apps for iOS and Android. Thinkrolls Space is the newest creative app in their list of offerings. It is excellent for both at-home activities as well as classroom use. Readers […]

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Thinkrolls Space Puzzle App for Kids

Today is the official launch day of Avokiddo’s brand new app, Thinkrolls Space! Have you heard the news? Thinkrolls Space is a kid-friendly puzzle app. Students have access to hundreds of mazes set across seven different planets. Regular followers of the blog know that I’m a big fan of the Thinkrolls apps. I’ve partnered with […]

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Teaching with Logic Puzzles? 3 Educational Apps from Avokiddo

Giving students space to explore in a digital space, might seem like a luxury when pressed for time or maintaining a tight schedule throughout the school day. But if we’re committed to giving students an opportunity to learn through play, can we leverage educational apps to help them try, fail, and try again? Earlier this […]

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